Tausug Satti

Assalaamu alaikum warahmatullaah,

Yay! After a long long time of craving for the finest “Tausug Satti” I finally got to have heeeeeeeaps of ’em lastnight and today for breakfast Alhamdulillaah. My aunt brought it with her along with other yummy native Tausug tummy fillers. Her flight from Zamboanga was about 10:30AM I think, so my uncle had to wake up really early and headed for Jimmy’s Satti Haus! (not paid)  Awww I feel so special TabaarakAllaah for their kindness.

Ok, enough with that melodramatic scene! Let’s get to business here. So yeah, the Tausug Satti is sorta related to the Malayisan or Indonesian Satay but not quite. A Tausug Satti comes in 3 items so if you lack 1, dream on! You’re not eating the actual thing.

First, there’s the “Ta’mu” this is the rice where it is cooked inside layers of young coconut leaves shaped into squares or diamonds.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usThis was the actual meal I had but I had more than that 😛

Second, the cute lil tiny grilled or barbecued diced beef on a stick. I normally don’t eat beef ’cause the meat reminds me of the human flesh :/ but this one is really cut into small bits so it’s fine. Some would serve it with chicken instead of beef.

aand the last but definitely the highlight of this menu is the thick, sweet ‘n’ spicy sauce.

How to eat ’em? You just simply chuck everything in the sauce. The “Ta’mu” ofcourse without the leaves, the beef and let it swim there.

Inshaa’Allaah I’ll post the sauce’s ingredients and the how-to-make-the-ta’mu here soon, so watch out for it!


~ by chefjundi on April 27, 2008.

28 Responses to “Tausug Satti”

  1. I want one I want one… Please let me have onnnneee… gggrrr… (I wish) 😦 Well, just have to deal with Biryani for the meantime ’til I get home Insha’allah! maybe by that time you’ll be in Aussie sistah! just say hello to all the kangaroos there for me toink!

  2. hmmm… favorite k yan lalo n pagumaga hmmm.. sarap nyan i like
    pls.. give me
    ambisyosa nman aq
    gling m nman tlga sna mging chef. k insha’Allah

  3. There’s a Biryani resto in Zamboanga already. atleast that’s what i heard.

  4. Yeah z-biryani..I’ve tried that and ummm their biryani aint that good but other menus are good TabaarakAllaah.

  5. Biryani here are great! but don’t eat too much of the Indian Biryani or else you’ll smell like one of ’em hehehhe… but satti? uuhhhggghhh… I have to get one of those!

  6. hi can u post all the ingredients pls????

  7. can i have the recipe for this..pleeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaseeeeeeeeee….

  8. can u please send me the recipe for this….i haven’t been home for 2 years now and i really miss it

  9. hi there…pls..plss..pls…plss…kindly send me the recipe if you have them..i reaaallllyyyy miss satti..waaaahhhhh!!! 😦
    i can be reached via feeza.ibrahim@gmail.com
    thanks for whatever reply

  10. Hi.. I was born in Jolo,Sulu. Left in 1970 and never been back since.. I miss the tausug satti.. i have tried the indonesian kind but so very far from the real thing… I tried the malaysian satay… but not even close… I will appreciate it very much if you can give me the recipe… pleaase

  11. Salam! sarap tuud in satti! i just can’t have enough of it. When i was in zambo, i made sure I ate to my heart and tummy’s content! Anyway, being in the UAE has made this food more special and more craved for, which is why we had to ask my brother’s mother-in-law to allow us to inherit her version of the Satti. Alhamdulillah it came out quite well and as delicious as jimmy’s too. I am grateful enough to have been able to have it for Suhoor this morning. 🙂 nice blog by the way…jazakumullahu khairan! i am just a beginner in cooking tausug dishes. InshaAllah this weekend i will learn how to cook syanglag and pyutu! InshaAllah. wish me luck!

  12. hi aim kim pia satti is my favorite food every time i eat it i want to eat more aim always at computer try to research about satti ingredient since theres no satti here in cebu i miss satti a lot hope you could share me the ingredient of satti wassalam

  13. My mom is experimenting the recipe of the sauce unfortunately, di pa rin pareho. I missed satti. I need to go to quiapo and look for it there.

  14. im from Zc and im craving to for satti coz its been a year now…Wish i could ask my cousin the exact recipe for SAtti,but it seems until now she don’t got no reply from her.siguro yan lumus ya na sabaw de satti! joke.Just imagine when i arrived to ZC intl.airport imagine right from the airport we go straight to Jimmy’s satti haus with matching my things..funny!!! I’m here in Dubai,trying to search the right recipe in the net and will try to cook here with my friends from zamboanga too who’s craving to satti too.

  15. The original satti sauce is not thickened with conrstarch or flour it should be cook in reduction process and not winging it!!!! i hope you know that CHEF?????

  16. and what culinary school you graduated from? self proclaimed CHEF JUNDI???????

  17. Self proclaimed nga eh – alam moba meaning ng self proclaimed???! @_@ and no one mentioned about adding cornstarch or anything…@_o why don’t you post your recipe here so we all benefit from it *wink*

  18. I really missed satti in morning sun in zambo. city ,so yummy and spicy, first i felt maanghang but lately hanaphanap ko na, my husband is tausug, kaya lang now we’re here na in bukidnon, missed ko na kumain ng satti. Missed yah SATTI!!!!!!!!!

  19. I LOVE SATTI SO MUCH…I’ve tasted Jimmy’s and sunrise satti in ZC pero mas masarap pa rin ang satti sa Plaza Panceteria (restaurant) in Jolo, Sulu…hmmmmmm yummmmmmmmmyyyyy…gusto ko ng umuwi huhuhuhuhu…my everyday breakfast pag nasa Jolo ako….my house is in ZC…uuwi lang ako ng Jolo to eat satti at Plaza Panceteria…believe me…nothing beats satti in P.P…yuuummmmmmyyyyyyy

  20. anybody knows panggi panggih recipe?

  21. Assaalaamu alaikum, chef!

    any news about the ingredients/ recipe of our famous satti? pls post if you already have it so I can spread the good news to my milikan neighbors here in sacramento. i miss zamboanga!!!
    btw, thanks for your zamboanga recipes. bya ha samboangan haja aku!!!

  22. please i need a recipe of satti.. Been 3 years here in hong kong…thanks

  23. Hello there.

    Wouldn’t it be good to know how to make them ourselves? Anybody here know the recipe for satti? Hope somebody would be kind enough to them here…

  24. to all satti lover in iligan specially from zamboanga, please come our new store at SATTI atbp, infont of parking space in jollibee tibanga thank you…

  25. AsSalamualaikum. .
    Never tried satti yet, hehe kla q kc di maxarap, hmmmm matry nga,. .pag may time aq. .Fr0m basilan aq. Hehe my high skul fwen kept on sending me msge asking bwt d recipe of satti, wula aqng idea. Haha and take note she is a chavacano lady who loves tausug satti. . Hehe according to her may nahanap xiang recipe kaso in tausug, kya napad2 aq d2, hoping to find a satti recipe for my fren. .Grabe dami pla kaung mga adik sa satti! Haha aq lng ata hnde. . 🙂

    cguro kylangan q munang lumayo d2 samen para ma2to aqng kumain ng satti. .Hahaha try q satti! Fave dn yn bro q. .

    Tcee guys.
    Allahu Taufik wal hidaya. .

  26. pls give me a recipe for the satti sauce…tnx

  27. i also eat satti when I was in Jolo last May 16 & 17
    i really enjoy eating tausug delicacy especially satti
    miss kona ang satti, i want to amke sati here in iligan

  28. chef jundi please forward the instruction on how to make
    the sauce, yon nalang ang kulang on how to make the sati sauce
    at ang ingredients please… please… gusto ko nang kumain
    uli… malayo man ang Jolo ako nalang ang mag gawa

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