Al-Moud Restaurant in Quiapo

Assalaamu alaikum warahmatullaah,

This resto is located near the FTI FX terminal and the Golden Mosque in Quiapo, Manila. It’s more comfy to takeaway rather than dining-in ’cause they only have 1 table which only fits about 6 petite people 😛 Plus, it’s burning inside ’cause the chicken roasting machine (watchamacallit) is situated near the entrance.

Food wise, I think I love their Kabsa. Although they don’t use the Basmati rice for their Kabsa, they still got the aroma and exact taste of the Kabsa I grew up with and they also have juicy roasted chicken. All this you can enjoy for only Php70. Apart from that, they also serve Filo and native Maranao dishes which I couldn’t remember what they’re called but they looked tasty.

Al-Moud is accessible to everything Islamic like the Golden Mosque, Islaamic apparel shops and other Halaal Restuarants mostly owned by Maranaos. Also, if you live somewhere near FTI, then the FX terminal is just around the corner.

For someone like me who lives far from Quiapo, I only get to drop by Al-Moud whenever I tend to shop for Abayas and Khimaar. The place is not something like you’d go for just for the purpose of eating. If you’re the maarte and sosyal type then forget about it.


~ by chefjundi on April 27, 2008.

3 Responses to “Al-Moud Restaurant in Quiapo”

  1. I tried it already and you’re perfecttly right! their kabsa and roasted chicken(Shawwaya) taste good.

  2. Well if the place is not something you’d go out of your way for then either I am an exception or I’m just too hungry to taste something different hehehe. I work in the port area of Manila and just this afternoon I was at Moud’s with my officemate hacking away on the well talked about roasted chicken and kabsa rice. Even bought four orders to go for my officemates back at work (and a pack of pita bread for me hehehe).

    Like Arnold would say “I’LL BE BACK!”

  3. I used to eat from that restaurant also when i was in the studying in MLQU. They really good halal food.

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